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Facebook– Following on Facebook is pretty much the “jack of all trades” method of following the walk. Daily recaps with pictures, stories and clips from all other socials will be posted here.

Instagram– Following along on Instagram will let you mainly just see pictures, short videos, and occasional reels from things going on throughout the day during the walk.

TikTok– TikTok will give users a strictly video method of following the walk.

Podcast (audio only)-Hall Across the Country on Podbean

With the new walk, and new goals of putting more information with regards to mental health out there, Hall Across the Country will be utilizing a new, mobile podcast format.

With the aspirations of speaking to lawmakers, mental health providers, and those fighting the mental health battle themselves, Hall Across the Country is utilizing the podcast format to bring mental health content, insight, perspective and stories to those who don’t have various social media accounts.

Podcasts will be a combination of audio, and audio and video with some episodes being uploaded to YouTube as well as your favorite podcast platforms.

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